After testing, we found the AddMeFast Ultimate bot one of the best out there. The bot is coded in c# and the user just needs to click on the button to gain points.

The AddMeFast bot never crashed during our testing, and seems to use minimal CPU.  In the video/demonstration the points show instantly (As it's sped up) - in reality it takes longer than this, but still adds points at around 1,000 per hour or so.

Possibly the best feature is that the bot is light/easy to use, and you can run multiple instances. We tested multiple bots and were able to run them for the same AMF account.

AddMeFast Ultimate Bot


All Files Tested and Updated October 2017.

AddMeFast Ultimate Bot gathers points extremely fast automatically. Use the bot to generate free AddMeFast Points. 

The points can then be spent on various social networking sites ranging from Facebook to Instagram and Twitter. 

​This bot supports Facebook, Twitter and Youtube platforms of point gathering.