All Files Tested and Updated October 2017.

Facebook Likes Bot



The Facebook Auto Liker Bot is aimed at getting you Facebook fans and likes. We used the Facebook auto liker for a test clothing line business and got a considerable number of likes on Facebook. Needless to say, it led to a massive boost in the publicity of this page.

Considering the fact that there are few options out there, we found the Facebook auto like tool superb. It's an easy-to-use and fast way of getting likes. 

Following the tool we had a look through the profiles that "Liked" our page. The accounts looking legit/real, and there were no obvious signs of fake/incomplete accounts. Some of the likes we recieved had years of history, leading us to believe the tool uses some form of exchange service (And does not create hundreds of fake profiles to boost your likes - unlike some of the bots available).

Overall a great choice for boosting likes on Facebook, and we'd recommend giving it a try! 

Are you looking for automatic facebook likes for your photo, video, simple status or even on your facebook fanpage? This bot allows you to gain automatic likes!

Facebook Like Bot is:

Free to Download
Simple to use
Gathers super fast likes
Add likes on your Status, Video Post, Photo Posts, Fanpage etc.
Safe for your accounts
Get viral in minutes
No content restriction
Multi-threaded function​