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Facebook Friend Bomber is a complete bot for Facebook. We tested this bot for two weeks and absolutely loved it. 

The account creator worked extremely well, and quickly produced PVA (Phone verified) accounts. Having built in phone verification is absolute gold, and this feature of the bot could actually be used for so much more than just Facebook.

The comments and messaging seemed fine, and we had no issues with either of these. Invitation via email did seem to hit a few problems, but did run after a few tweaks. The liker is very fast, and being able to dislike is ideal. 

‚ÄčOverall we would highly recommend Facebook Friend Bomber. It's easy to use and we're still using it for promotion now!


Facebook Friend Bomber

Facebook Friend Bomber is now available free. The bot offers some amazing features, including:

Email Account Creator
Facebook Account Creator
Phone Verification Built In
Group Manager
Event Manager
Fan Page Manager
Invite From Emails Or Phone Numbers
Website Liker
Like/Dis Like

All Files Tested and Updated October 2017.