FollowLiker have created various bots over the years for Instagram and Twitter. They've got a good reputation and provide one of the most popular bots for Instagram in 2017. 

​They benefited a lot from the fall of Massplanner, and are arguably the most popular way of building popular Instagram Accounts. FollowLiker has less features than some of the other Instagram bots you will find, but it does what it says on the tin extremely well.

​The tool will automatically either follow other Instagram users, or like Instagram posts. By following other users you will get follow backs - you can then use the unfollow tool once they're on your radar!

The liker allows you to quickly get your name across Instagram and direct users/traffic to your page. Again, if required, you can "Unlike" en-mass, however this is less essential than un-following.

All Files Tested and Updated October 2017.

FollowLiker Instagram Bot