Introducing Instadub: Probably the most feature-rich Instagram Bot on the internet. The bot aims for complete automation of your Instagram Accounts, being really easy to set up and use.

The bot allows users to upload/post both images and videos - these can be scheduled, or delivered directly via RSS feed (Either from your site or somewhere else on the net). This is really useful as a lot of other bots rely on you uploading files or placing them in a folder, Instadub automates the process. You can also download/scrape images as required.

​The second aspect of the bot is where it really comes into it's own - Following (+ Unfollowing), Liking and Commenting toward other users. The key to getting big on Instagram is interaction with others, and Instadub allows you to do this. 

Add account creator and proxy scraper and you're really going place - it's a complete package with a full host of features. 

Instadub Instagram Bot

All Files Tested and Updated October 2017.