All Files Tested and Updated October 2017.

Instafire worked nicely during our test. It's quick to download/install and helped us quickly gain hundreds of Instagram followers. 

We started using it in the following way, which we liked the most:

- Used the account creator to make 200 Instagram Accounts (Worked really smooth)
- Added these new accounts to the account manager

- Followed one profile with the 200 accounts - resulting in a 200 increase (Ideal for selling Instagram Followers and/or upping your own following

During the second test we tried things the other way round, using one "Main" account and following/commenting on other content. This worked well, and would be ideal for marketing (Being able to comment on hashtag is ideal). 

Instafire has slightly fewer features than some of it's competition - but what it does, it does extremely well. 

Instafire is one of the latest available bots for Instagram.  It's well proven, and very popular. Instafire offers the following features:

​Account Creator
Ability to manage multiple profiles

​Follow and Unfollow

​Comment based on Hashtag


Instafire Instagram Bot