Instaget Pro is an advanced Instagram Bot. Claimed, "The best bot ever made for Instagram", this can tool can really help transform your social media. 

Instget Pro includes the following features:

Auto Follower
InstaGet Pro will follow users automatically for you.

Auto Unfollower
Followed too many people? Instaget will automatically unfollow!

Auto Liker
Liking pictures helps you gain popularity. Let InstaGet do this automatically!

Auto Commenter
You won’t have to spend hours writing comments manually. InstaGet does it instead of you!

11 Clients
InstaGet uses over 11 different Instagram clients to keep your account safe!

Custom settings
You can change all of the settings! Delays, amounts and more. Possibilities are unlimited.

All Files Tested and Updated October 2017.

Instaget Pro

If you want fast, free Instagram Followers then Instaget Pro is the tool for you. We've reviewed this tool several times over the years, and it ALWAYS delivers. 

This download includes 3 versions of Instaget - 1.0, 2.0 and Pro. The reason we have done this is that you can run all 3 at the same time, without having to use VPNs or more than one machine. 

Instagets follower is the best we've seen, and super fast. You can literally follow a few hundred accounts (In minutes), then unfollow them! This results in many follow-backs. 

Liking and Commenting en-mass are also great features, again helping you either promote content (Or yourself) while building your following/user base.