All Files Tested and Updated October 2017.

Instagram Mega Bot


Instagram Mega Bot stood up well during testing, and we were impressed by the results. The following features of this Instagram Bot were looked at:

Follow / Unfollow
The bot followed fine, we put quite a few (free) proxies in during this test, and it worked fine. The time delay feature is quite a nice trick, as a lot of other bots will just follow without a delay.


Similar to the follow feature this worked nicely. The bot did seem to pause for a long time (We're assuming it was scraping users/posts to follow). 


All good here - again fairly quick and Instagram Mega Bot allows you to "Spin" comments, helping avoid duplicated/spammy content issues. 

Overall we liked this bot, it worked well and performed all the tasks it claims. Being completey reliant on Gramfeed is maybe a limitation, and it did seem to use a lot of CPU. There's also no account creator - but all in all, a really useful Instagram bot.

Instagram Mega Bot is an awesome tool to help you automate lots of tasks on Instagram. The bot can complete the following tasks, and uses "Gramfeed" to do this:


All of these functions are automatically completed by the bot. The tool even includes Proxy Support and the ability to set varying time delays to make you look 100% natural.