TumbDominator is a great little bot for Tumblr, ideal for monetizing the social media network. 

​The aim of the bot is pretty simple - help grow your Tumblr network/audience, reach more people and get more interest. Tumblr is a fast-growing online community, and certainly one to watch out for. The main focus of Tumblr is images, similar to Instagram - however less about people and more about images and objects. The site is attracting around 20 BILLION page views each month, so don't miss out. 

​TumdDominator will do all of the following automatically, saving you lots of time and allowing you to achieve far more than you could manually:

- Message
- Blog and Re-Blog

- Scrape Content
- Post
- Like / Unlike
- Follow / Unfollow

It's an impressive list of features, and the inbuilt account section works well for running multiple accounts. 

TumbDominator Tumblr Bot

All Files Tested and Updated October 2017.